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Femsilk Crystal Active Gold Pearl Anti Wrinkle Mosturising Cream - Launch Promotion

Femsilk Crystal Active Gold Pearl Moisturising Anti Wrinkle Radiance Cream

I have sensitive dry skin. The radiator heat and the cold temperatures outside make my skin terribly dry, tried many facial creams, no matter how expensive with no improvement, I used more expensive creams that have such a strong perfume that I couldnt sleep through the night without washing it off. This is odorless and light, feels very pleasant. This cream is absorbed into my skin and makes my skin feel really hydrated. I love it!
Fiona Montague

I love how this cream works and makes your skin feel – unbelievably glowing in the morning. Soft & even-toned. Upon application it feels slightly heavy, but dries to a weightless feel, and I don’t notice I’m wearing it. Very hydrating. It deliveries a boost of antioxidants and other good-for-your-skin ingredients. Perfect alternative to overpriced creams. Thank you.
Rani Patel

Its absolutely amazing! Well worth its price, it makes your skin so even and radiant.
Sara Smith

I’ve been using this cream for a few weeks and it does offer just the right amount of moisturizing benefit the skin. It absorbs quickly so you are not left with a greasy shiny face. It is true, even after one day using it, my skin looks even and radiant. It feels wonderful!
Ruby Khan

It was recommended by a pharmacist on Edgware Rd London, I am so lucky to find these new face and eye creams. I wouldn’t use anything else and the little spoon is so useful. I have used it on my face, neck and eyes night and morning for 2 weeks now; perhaps that’s why people starting saying I look too young to be a grandma!
Nadia Nassim

Femsilk Crystal Active Gold Anti Wrinkle Firming Eye Essence

This is a gel, unlike all other eye gels it absorbs well. The results I got were good–less wrinkles, less dark circles, definite moisture, no irritation.
Julia Mcdonald

My eyes have a lot of problems. I have dark circle, puffiness and since recently they started to grow winkles. Through the years I have been trying to find an eye cream that can help me with these issues. I tried almost all the department store products. I won’t say that they didn’t work but I can barely see any difference. Until one day I found this Femsilk eye essence . Originally, I don’t have a lot of confidence in new products but since it’s in a reasonable price, I decided to give it a shot. In the next few weeks I saw my puffiness clearly shrink and some of my wrinkles disappeared too. I fell in love with this eye essence ever since. I also share it with my friends and regardless what skin condition they have, they all have positive comments.
Rania  Al Behiri

A very gentle under eye gel. I have used other name brands which extensively irritated my eyes and made them tear all the time. This one is definitely a keeper!
Sheeba Gupta

I have been using this product for about a week and have noticed a big difference already. I am 28 and have just one or two creases around my eyes that I am working on fading, and also as a preventative. This stuff works, and I will be trying other Femsilk products in the future.
Liz  Turner

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